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Wellness and happiness

Perhaps, we hear today more about organizations talking about caring for the wellness and happiness of employees being part of their strategic content. Indeed, it will be unfair to say that the concept of maintaining the wellness of employees is a new phenomenon. No, it is not. It has always been a priority of all well managed and enlightened institutions. The only difference today is that the concept has been recognized as a critical element in maintaining and enhancing productivity of employees. In the present age, it is not uncommon to have within institutions a person designated as ‘chief wellness officer’ (CWO). HR is stated by all institutions as part of the preamble to their vision and mission, as being the most important asset. How much an organization consciously devotes time towards the development of their human resources depends on the policies it pursues in the maintenance of the wellness of their most critical asset. The strategic intent of doing so and the cost of capital and investment in achieving this objective has to be seen and viewed, within the ambit of long term perspective.Related: illinois private school teaching requirements, when are ip pins mailed out, do mentally disabled go to heaven, paul jenkinson jean fergusson, architect of the capitol human resources phone number, mobile dental van for sale canada, jordan spieth family foundation board of directors, choi min sik kim hwal ran, borgess medical records, is wegovy covered by blue cross blue shield, countries that haven’t signed the geneva convention, how long can a ship be becalmed, salesforce outbound email encryption, advantages and disadvantages of quantitative data psychology, dakota starblanket wolfchild,