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Pakistan has become the first victim of global climate change. Heavy rainfalls during the past three months coupled with melting of glaciers, have triggered unprecedented floods across the country. More than 33 million people have been affected by the massive flooding. As many as 1,355 people have lost their lives including at least 450 children, while more deaths continue to get reported on a daily basis, with thousands of injured.Related: marlin 1892 parts, bremen to baltimore passenger lists, simply ming cocktails, lexington country club membership fee, norwich magistrates court news, judge faith twin sister, jenny marrs photos, joe saylor spouse, corpus juris secundum volume 7, section 4, oleksiy arestovych education, alex waddington alistair brownlee, ac odyssey anthousa quests, are ferne mccann’s parents together, fictional characters named mason, similarities between max weber and frederick taylor,Related: huntington beach high school famous alumni, martin thatcher net worth, peter mark dennis triplets scholtz, hale county jail plainview, tx, nuway st paul, melissa grelo leaving the social, o the blood of jesus it washes white as snow, stephanie wang seven lakes, is fluorine a cation or anion, battle of pelennor fields speech, is waffle house sausage pork or beef, ohsaa baseball rules 2022, mabel king son, larry king, christian counseling birmingham, guatemalan longaniza recipe,