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Head of Compliance

Job Details:

Minimum: Graduate, Masters will be preferred.


7 Years


From: 29th December 2023 Open Till: 13th January 2024


Head office, Karachi

Essential Duties:                 

Formulating and translate the compliance and risk management policies, procedures, strategies and directions as set by the Board.

Keeping the Board aware, through Board Risk Committee, of risk profile of the organization.

To monitor the nature and level of risk and compliance being taken by the Company and ensure capital adequacy in line with the risk function.

Assisting business and support departments in identifying primary compliance and risks inherent in there processes, and systems. Review of existing and new policies, procedure and products across the Company for identification of risk and recommending its mitigation.

Maintain systems and tools that assist to identify, measure and monitor risks faced by the Company

Recommendation of specific risk tolerance limits to Management Risk Committee and Board Risk Committees, along with monitoring of the approved limits to ensure risks are managed within the approved levels.

Review and assess risks of new products and systems which are considered critical to strategic plan.

Report findings and results to BRC with copy to senior management for necessary action.

Ensure that adequate resources (human as well as information systems) are devoted to risk and compliance management.

Ensure adherence to the lines of authority and responsibility that Board has established for measuring, managing, and reporting risk and compliance issues.


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